Mar. 27th, 2010


Mar. 27th, 2010 09:27 pm
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I has made beads! Eight of them! Yea!!!!

Today was a beadmaking class taught by a somewhat-local guy (who happens to be a friend). I was originally scheduled for the morning session, but was able to get switched to the afternoon, which was good because I woke up with one helluva headache. Major meds and caffeine took care of it.

I know, eight beads aren't very many, but they were the second through ninth beads I've ever made. And they look good! Phaelan was nice enough to loan me a torch and supplies for a month so I can test out how physically demanding it will be on me before I invest the money on my own. If today is any indication, it won't be too terrible, but I won't really know for sure until tomorrow or Monday when the muscles really get a chance to react. But I had fun!

In other news, poor Sable has had another eosinophillic flare. It started a week ago on her lips, then her eyelids but now one foot is involved. So she's in an Elizabethan collar and foot soaks twice a day, which she enjoys. NOT! This evening I was her ladder out of the water and away from the nasty wet stuff. Maybe she saw me as her speed bump. All I know was cat claws can and will penetrate a T-shirt -- all five on each foot. Ow.

Julia's back from her conference. She gave a paper on taboo words. Her take is any paper that lets you swear at the audience and they'll applaud later is a good paper.


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