Apr. 21st, 2010

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My mother had the CAT scan of her ankle today. The news was much, much worse than expected. The back of one bone is basically shattered and there are fractures extending into the ankle bone. They also saw free-floating bone fragments. They decided to do the surgery tomorrow instead of waiting.

It also looks like she may be spending more time in a cast than first expected, but after six weeks, they are hoping to do a walking cast. At least this time, they are planning to manage pain and side effects more effectively. She'll have a nerve block in her knee for 24 hours to manage pain and they are going to be more proactive with anti-emetics (Mom doesn't do well with anesthesia).

I'm glad they moved the surgery up; I wasn't happy with her being home with an unstable fracture, even if it was casted (only up to the knee??)

On the home front news, things have been chaotic here. Most of you know why, if not, e-mail me and I'll let you know. We're both drained. That combined with bad nights for the last three have left me a wreck.


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