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Juliana had a great time at Kalamazoo. I'm jealous; we'd originally planned for me to go as well but between Pennsic and my current workload demands (gotta get a manual done in less than six weeks for a machine being concurrently designed and built *grmph* to be installed in June 20s), I wasn't able to go.

But she brought home books. To the heraldic types who read this, she got Heraldic Badges in England and Wales. Let's just say that's her birthday, anniversary, and Christmas gifts all rolled up in one (for at least one year).

And she brought me food books! No, not books made of food, books about food in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance. Yea!!!!! I now have three stacks at least a foot high each of reading to do for a class I plan to teach at Pennsic.

She also enjoyed her time with her family at the reunion on Sunday. She drove from Indianapolis to Kalamazoo so she could drive to Nashville on Saturday for the reunion. Sunday she drove back to Indianapolis late and got to her hotel a little after 1 _am_ so she could get up at 5 am Monday to catch her flight home. Can we say overbooked and exhausted?

However, the entire trip (except the driving part) was a blast for her. I hope we can arrange for me to be able to go next year.

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