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This last week has been extraordinarily busy. Last week was extremely painful -- the doctor got some new spots and increased the dose on a couple of others. Let's just say -- OWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!

Last weekend was KWHSS -- for those non-SCA types reading this, it's a get together of SCA heralds and scribes for classes. My class went well. I was frustrated trying to write my handout and ended up changing the class into a panel discussion with several past Sovereigns of Arms (who are all armory types) and Daniel (who could be a SoA if he wanted). Let's just say WOW! We were discussing ways to make armory not too close to anyone's but maintain a medieval style to the armory. And it was fun! Plus one of the panelists wants to teach a similar class next weekend in his kingdom!

Julia's class went well and her investiture as Pelican Queen of Arms (Society names wonk) went well. If she wants to tell anything about the weekend, I'll let her do it -- this is *my* entry after all.

We brought home a house guest for the week. Alisoun has been wanting to visit for some time and this was a great chance. She left today to visit friends in Tacoma; we had loads of fun.


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