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I wonder if posting through Dreamwidth using Chrome works any better than LJ? I'll give it a shot.

So, I put my pretty little herbs in my gorgeous raised bed on Sunday and ended the day feeling like a real person for a change. You know, the kind who can move and do things spontaneously without feeling like they are coming apart at the seams. And that feeling continued through Monday. By the end of today, the feeling has started wearing off, but I can't complain too loudly, now can I? I had a great 48 hours.

And so far, my new herbs and tomato plants seem to be doing well. It's fortunate that we got rain yesterday and today but unfortunate that the temperature dropped into the 50s - as a high temp. Grrr.

As far as work goes, things are going well, I think. I'm figuring out how to tackle some issues that will allow me to manage on-line manual content rather effectively - but only time and experience will tell if I'm being overly optimistic. However, I think that I'm going to be very glad that I started as a programmer in high school first then trained as a writer - which means I have the fundamentals and theory down and will pick up the language (javascript) pretty quickly.

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