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Sorry, just had to get that out. I was driving on the interstate after work and a contractor's truck was next to me. His ladder slid off the top of his truck and onto my car. No one was hurt (other than the stress aggravating my spasms), but my hood is dented and scratched and my windshield is busted. Fortunately the windshield broke low so:
  1. All the break is at the bottom, so I can still see through it

  2. The ladder didn't go through the windshield and into the passenger compartment.

I had seen the ladder shift so I was slowing down then hit my brakes. This is one of those cases where my hyperreactive nervous system is a good thing.

I've already called in the claim and will hear from his insurance company tomorrow.

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We planned to get the Buick's emissions test done today, but that didn't happen. After I got some bloodwork done (just usual, check-up kind of stuff), we were pulling in to get some breakfast and clunked a pothole hard in the restaurant parking lot. The low tire got a bit lower, so we decided we needed to deal with that first. We got the tire aired up enough for us to run home, get the snow tires, and get to the tire shop. Too much money later, the snow tires were installed, the tire repaired, and the oil changed/fluids checked. All this needed to be done, but not what we had planned for the day.


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Tonight was another night in food experimentation. We had salad (nothing experimental there), steak in garlic/horseradish sauce, paprika roasted potatoes, and steamed nutty broccoli. It was nummy!!!!!!
  1. Steak in garlic/horseradish sauce -- I roasted 10-15 cloves of garlic (enough to cover the bottom of an 8-9 inch baking pan) at 400 degrees for about 35-45 minutes. I then food processed the garlic and three teaspoons of horseradish together. I salted the meat and slathered the sauce on either side. Tonight I pan-fried it (didn't feel like heating up the grill), so more of the sauce came off than I wanted, but was yummy. This will be amazing on the grill!

  2. Paprika roasted potatoes -- I cut about four potatoes into quarters (more than we needed for one meal), put them in a baking dish cut sides up, and sprayed the cut sides. with olive oil (I have a hand-pumped sprayer for oil). I lightly dusted the cut sides with salt, pepper, and a little tumeric, then heavily dusted (almost coated) the cut sides with paprika. A final spray of oil to keep the spices from burning and into the 400 degree oven they went for 45 minutes. Oh my!

  3. Nutty broccoli -- I decided that plain steamed broccoli wouldn't hold up well with all the strong spices in the meat and potatoes. So I added lemon to the water for steaming and grated some nutmeg over the broccoli. Freshly grated nutmeg, ah that's the ticket. Turn the burner on high and set the timer for 10 minutes (yes, from the moment of turning on the water). Once it was done, I grated a little romano cheese over it. While it was yummy, the romano didn't go well with the meal, though it was wonderful with the nutmeg.

All in all, I think the recipes are keepers.

Of course, Buster (the Buick) is in the shop again with a hole in a water hose. It should be a quick fix, but wasn't considered a problem when they inspected the hoses two weeks ago while they replaced the water pump. *sigh*

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Getting the Element was a good thing -- we have more room to take stuff to events. But that means we take more stuff to events!! But the poles fit inside the cabin (sort of -- if I push them into the passenger's wheel well). Getting a third person in the Element and all their stuff will be a little challenging, but I think it can be done, particularly if the poles go on the roof rack and the extra chair is removed.

We brought home three boxes that we didn't take because Julia is taking on the job of travelling consult herald for the kingdom. We still have 7 boxes to get. But it all fit!!!!!

I did my first stint as an heraldic artist this weekend -- and it was quite the hit. The Pennsic Traceable Art project was supremely helpful! Several of our submitters wanted stuff not in there (such as needles and paintbrushes) but those I actually could draw freehand. The guy who wanted the segreant dragon with tiny legs, and the head and tail below the per bend line of division but the wings above (color contrast issues) really put me to the test. Fortunately, I could mix and match elements from the traceable art and it looked really good!!!!!

We decided to come home last night instead of staying. Vandal was great -- he loved staying in the tent! But the skies looked like it might rain and we didn't want to wait for the canvas to dry. Even if it didn't rain, the morning was likely to be cloudy and the canvas would have taken forever to dry from the dew. So we slept in our own beds last night, far from the sounds of revelry and drums! Ah, sweet sleep.

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We really, really like the new Element! I think we've decided it's an air element though 8). All silvery gray and shimmery.

On the Buster front, the engine work is done. They replaced the water pump and serpentine belt yesterday (even though we dropped it off Monday), but didn't mention the driver's door until I called for a car status. I told them they could keep the car today to fix it (after all, it's been slowly going bad for a couple of months). They didn't get the issue diagnosed until 4:00-ish today -- AFTER I CALLED THEM TO FIND OUT WHAT THE F--K WAS GOING ON!!!!!!!!! So now they have promised me the car by noon tomorrow -- and if it's not done, THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me on this, if they don't get this done, they will regret it and I will enjoy making them do so. mwaaahaaahaaahaaa

We now have a kitty on steriods. We are trying to rein in an immune response called eosinophilic granuloma complex. Basically, she has an overactive immune system/allergic reaction. We're pretty sure that plastic is somehow involved as she usually scrapes her paw on the litter box and starts the process. We're not sure what is setting off the face as she has no dishes with plastic. We are going to find all her little plastic toys and hide them for a while to see how that works (I suspect she might be scraping her lip on the toys). Leave it to me to get a kitty with a rare ailment -- like owner, like kitty.

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We decided we needed to get a second car -- one that would be more reliable than the Buick. Not that it is bad, but this is the second time in the last three months that we've needed to get a rental because of immediate repair needs. Looks like this one was just a water pump and broken serpentine belt. Repairs of around $500 dollars but we won't get the car back until tomorrow.

So we bought another car. It's a 2003 Honda Element! Not new, but in great shape. And really versatile -- the back seats can be folded flat, folded up against the side wall, or removed. If you get tired, you can fold the front seats flat, slide them up against the back seats (also folded flat) and take a break. I recommend pulling over and turning off the car before trying this. 8)

So we finally have a vehicle that will hold the poles for our pavilion! Just what configuration I need to use I'll find out this weekend.

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I finally re-ordered the pottery that got shattered when shipped from PA to WA. The potter wasn't making the creamer/sugar bowl set (but did each separately) so I opted for a bread and oil platter. I did get the soup tureen. They probably will be more purple than blue, but that's okay -- I want a variety of colors.

We've had our first casualty to the stone floor in the kitchen -- Vandal's insulin!!! Fortunately the vet was open late, so we were able to replace it pretty easily.

Unfortunately, Baby (the purple Cavalier) may have finally died. Julia tried to start her for work on Friday. She started, died, but continued to make a noise like "an industrial-strength weedwhacker." Julia said the noise went on for over five minutes -- she was alarmed enough that she went to get the tool box so she could disconnect the battery (afraid of the car catching fire). Since we are replacing her in a few months, it doesn't make any sense to spend hundreds of dollars to repair a car with fatal problems. There's a good bus between here and EWU, so the car is more convenient than necessary.


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