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Getting the Element was a good thing -- we have more room to take stuff to events. But that means we take more stuff to events!! But the poles fit inside the cabin (sort of -- if I push them into the passenger's wheel well). Getting a third person in the Element and all their stuff will be a little challenging, but I think it can be done, particularly if the poles go on the roof rack and the extra chair is removed.

We brought home three boxes that we didn't take because Julia is taking on the job of travelling consult herald for the kingdom. We still have 7 boxes to get. But it all fit!!!!!

I did my first stint as an heraldic artist this weekend -- and it was quite the hit. The Pennsic Traceable Art project was supremely helpful! Several of our submitters wanted stuff not in there (such as needles and paintbrushes) but those I actually could draw freehand. The guy who wanted the segreant dragon with tiny legs, and the head and tail below the per bend line of division but the wings above (color contrast issues) really put me to the test. Fortunately, I could mix and match elements from the traceable art and it looked really good!!!!!

We decided to come home last night instead of staying. Vandal was great -- he loved staying in the tent! But the skies looked like it might rain and we didn't want to wait for the canvas to dry. Even if it didn't rain, the morning was likely to be cloudy and the canvas would have taken forever to dry from the dew. So we slept in our own beds last night, far from the sounds of revelry and drums! Ah, sweet sleep.

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We really, really like the new Element! I think we've decided it's an air element though 8). All silvery gray and shimmery.

On the Buster front, the engine work is done. They replaced the water pump and serpentine belt yesterday (even though we dropped it off Monday), but didn't mention the driver's door until I called for a car status. I told them they could keep the car today to fix it (after all, it's been slowly going bad for a couple of months). They didn't get the issue diagnosed until 4:00-ish today -- AFTER I CALLED THEM TO FIND OUT WHAT THE F--K WAS GOING ON!!!!!!!!! So now they have promised me the car by noon tomorrow -- and if it's not done, THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY!!!!!!!!!!! Trust me on this, if they don't get this done, they will regret it and I will enjoy making them do so. mwaaahaaahaaahaaa

We now have a kitty on steriods. We are trying to rein in an immune response called eosinophilic granuloma complex. Basically, she has an overactive immune system/allergic reaction. We're pretty sure that plastic is somehow involved as she usually scrapes her paw on the litter box and starts the process. We're not sure what is setting off the face as she has no dishes with plastic. We are going to find all her little plastic toys and hide them for a while to see how that works (I suspect she might be scraping her lip on the toys). Leave it to me to get a kitty with a rare ailment -- like owner, like kitty.

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Well, that didn't last long - Sable managed to get the bandages (that we were to keep on 3-4 days) off overnight. Only on her front feet, she still has the one on the back foot. *sigh*

Unless they start looking worse or bleeding, the vet said she could be bandageless.


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