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Poor Vandal. If it's not one thing, it's another. This morning, Julia found a claw on the bed. Not a casting, but a whole claw. And a bloody raw area on his paw. So he got to go to the vet. The claw is infected. What we're trying to sort out is which came first:
  • The breakage of the misshapen, thickened, yellow claw

  • The infection

He's got another claw that's as bad, so we're going to keep a close eye on this.

And horror of horrors, the vet trimmed his claws! (and showed me exactly what Vandal needed done)

So the poor kitty is on antibiotics for a while and foot soaking twice a day (yes, in water and chlorhexadrine). If it doesn't clear, he's looking at amputation/biopsy of the affected area.

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Sudafed and ibuprofen have made a huge difference in how I feel. I'm no longer impersonating a leaky faucet!!!! But now I realize how tired I am. 8(

The vet changed the antibiotic for Sable. He's not sure we are dealing with the same infection (we are) but he agrees that it should have been in better shape. We will give the antibiotic a week to work, then decide if we need to probe the area. I did have to decline the first antibiotic they offered today -- she'll throw it up in 1/2 hour. This time they remembered to note this in her chart. Given that the chart for the kitties is already 3/4 of inch thick (thanks to Vandal), I forgive them for overlooking this before.

Sable will be happy that she no longer gets the nasty stuff squirted into her mouth. I'm hoping that she'll start eating the lyceine-laced food again. I think we still need that to control the face/sinus issues. She hasn't had a sinus infection since we started it.

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*grumble* After spending a night not thinking that I slept much at all (but getting up strangely refreshed), I seem to have turned into a faucet. It was so bad at work today that I came home early to get some sudafed. I mean, I was spending more time blowing and blotting my nose than typing -- REALLY! It took 4 tissues to make it through the 15 minute drive home!!!!!!!!!

Slowly drying out now, but definitely feeling some sinus pressure. Yuck!

And I am taking little black kitty back to the kitty doctor. Her foot responded well to the antibiotics for the first couple of days, but hasn't gotten any better in about a week. In fact, I think it might be a little worse again -- she's not as active as she was last week. *sigh*

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The trip for the wedding was lovely. Seeing Raven and Leif this happy was stupendous!

We made it out of Pgh without trouble, but just barely. As we taxied away from the gate, a warning light for one of the engines went on. So they needed to shut down and restart the engines to see if it cleared. I think it took a couple of tries to restart, but the light cleared and we weren't too late taking off. And we had a big jackass who couldn't sit still and didn't want to share the armrest or keep his carry-ons stowed out of the aisle. I'll just say OUCH!

The second leg was much easier as we only had the two of us in our row.

The cats missed us -- one of them decided to use one of the bathroom rugs as a litter box at least three times.



Aug. 17th, 2007 05:57 pm
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Poor Sable. She just had three paws and a lip biopsied today. We don't expect to find anything really nasty - we are just checking for whether or not some recurrent issues are immune-related. She's had a recurring problem with scrapping up a paw and chewing it raw (and infected). Earlier this summer, I thought I had headed off an incident, but failed. When we left for Pennsic, we knew her right front paw was becoming a mess, but did not want to have a pet sitter trying to medicate her (she hissed at the sitter giving her wet food!). By the time we got back, both front paws were a mess and her right back paw was getting bad -- by Monday she had chewed the paw raw. So she is on antibiotics and has three paws bandaged (with the funny collar). We are probably going to start a steroid sometime next week.

Needless to say, watching her walk (or fail to) on the hardwood floors downstairs convinced us that she is confined upstairs while she's bandaged. Fortunately, the stairs have a kitty gate on them.

Vandal is getting an echocardiogram -- the vet thought he heard a murmur, so we want to check. Unfortunately, that means he is getting shaved a bit again.

Julia's legs are better -- no more rash and no more edema!

That's all for now!


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