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The post on Butchart Gardens should happen a little later tonight, we'll see though. Things may have gotten in the way.

Since we've gotten back, Vandal has been a little under the weather. He's been a little pukey, but it didn't seem to be too bad. I hadn't realized that he had vomited twice on Thursday and Friday. This became an issue because he is a fluid-sensitive diabetic. Well, last night around 11:15 his blood sugar crashed big time. I had tried to give him is Pepcid (for vomiting) earlier and he spit it out -- FOUR TIMES (he's hard enough to pill the vet won't even try). I gave up and tried at 11:15. After giving him the pill, he started moaning like he was going to vomit, so I ran him into the bathroom, figuring I could clean the shower pretty easily. Well, he didn't vomit -- he shat. But not diarrhea, it was solid. Then he staggered into the wall, and his back legs kept going. We got Karo into him, then he started gobbling the ID (intestinal diet -- easier on an upset tummy) wet food. He had most of a can. I forced a couple cc's of water into him (with a few grains of salt in case his electrolytes were out of whack). He perked up but clearly wasn't feeling well. We took him into the vet immediately this morning. His blood sugar was 78!!! We hadn't given him any insulin this morning and he had been eating!!!! So we have some subcutaneous fluids and subcutaneous anti-emetic for him for a couple of days.

While he was at the vet's (as they were fitting him in), we stopped at Ace Hardware to get an extension cord for the lawnmower and weed whacker. $80 later, we left with extension cord, 18 pansies, a rosemary plant, two sage plants, three basil plants, two bleeding heart bushes, three spearmint plants, a thyme plant, an oregano, and two bags of mulch. I think I left a plant or two out. So I gardened today. The pansies, bleeding hearts, and hyacinths (from earlier this week) are in and mulched. I moved the hostas to under the pine -- they were literally choking everything else out of the flowerbeds!! Good gods the roots! Nasty, nasty things! I wrenched my left thumb twice, and popped the nerve alarmingly once, so the wrist and thumb are currently immobilized (the other reason why the Gardens update may be delayed).

I'm sore. But the front of the house looks pretty! Hopefully I'll be able to at least plant the herbs in the planters we have. I can always transplant them later into the formal garden if I can get my shit together later this summer.


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