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Juliana and I had our first foray into geocaching today with mixed results. The first cache we tried to find was a dismal failure. Our iPhone app would tell us we were 7 to 15 feet away from it, so we would take two steps only have it tell us we were 30 feet away from it in the direction we just came from. In addition, it was a "microcache," which is very small and likely hidden in tall grass. So we walked away empty handed.

The second cache was rather easily found and the iPhone app led us straight to it. It was cleverly, but not overly difficultly hidden. It was also the size of a small ammo box (because that's what it was.

The third cache was not hard to find, we think. When we got to its location, all we found was a pen on the ground. So I think that one is gone. Again, got fairly steady directions to it from the iPhone app.

The fourth cache we didn't really get to search for as there was someone talking on their phone in that general vicinity. While it wasn't supposed to be far from the road, I kept getting the direction to walk 50 feet toward the river (which would have put me uncomfortably close, if not past, a steep drop-off). We'll probably go back and check that one out later.

So we actually got some exercise today!!!! It is likely the last nice day we'll have for a while, but we'll see.

And to top it off, I'm starting to work on a C&I project!!!! Wins all around today.


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