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We've had a very pleasant weekend. There was a wine tasting festival in the Tri-Cities, so we went. I needed to let the article I'm working on sit for a couple of days before I could edit it (and I needed to figure out how best to tackle the artwork) and Juliana and I both have some wine-related projects we are working on mundanely.

The festival was a blast! We got to 16 (yep, that's right) vineyards in two days and sampled over 100 wines (the fewest we sampled anywhere was 4). We brought home about six bottles of really excellent wine and a couple bottles of interesting grapeseed oil. Juliana talked to a lot of vintners about their business strategies and I talked to a lot of them about the food pairings they had chosen. One winery actually had an informal class in food pairing and a session about distinguishing aromatic notes of a wine (I rocked the white wine but my nose blew out on the red). We both learned a whole lot about wines (isolating scents and flavors), making wine, and pairing wine and food. Julia is contemplating a study of wines and how they mark distinction (paralleling her thoughts on coffee) and I'm contemplating writing an article for the local paper on wine/food pairing for the holidays.

Unfortunately today, I've been dealing with hives on both hands. I think I'm reacting to handsoap at one of the wineries as it is really isolated to the lower wrist and hands (especially the backs). Grrr.

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The terroir party was a hit. Like I said last night, the difference in wineries was quite pronounced; the difference due to terroir (microclimate/microgeology) not so much. The French aesthetic of pinot noir/burgundies (all Burgundy wines are made from a pinot noir grape) was quite interesting, more fruity than I expected. Wines from outside France had much more mineral-y-ness and spiciness. The exception was a winery named Mirassou, which was clearly aiming for the French aesthetic (and hit it pretty close).

All told, we had about 16 bottles of wine, but only opened about 8. We finished a couple, so you can imagine what our fridge looks like right now.


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