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This weekend has been incredibly productive. Juliana's first Pelican meeting was Saturday and went very well. A 10:00 to 6:30 meeting (with 45 min) for lunch is not bad for a first meeting when she's working the kinks out. Creating a dedicated *single (or so)* bookcase for the heraldry reference books -- and being vigilant about reshelving - will help a lot. Currently, there are some heraldry books in the study, some in the library, and some upstairs. I spent way too much time looking for books that she was asking for.

During the meeting, I got nearly all of the laundry washed and dried -- now we need to get it folded.

Yesterday I finished the initial sewing and fitting of my new cotehardie undergown pattern. I need to make the upper body a little smaller (for compression/support) and make sure I use the right sleeve pattern. I inadvertently used my underarm seam when I wanted the backarm seam -- and sewed it like I used the right pattern.

Today we cleaned and rearranged upstairs. I had hoped we'd succeed in getting everything done, but I pooped out too soon. We are 85% of the way to what we wanted.


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