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This week started out with a click (broken glasses) and ended with a clunk-crunch (broken car).

We went out for a drive last night as it was a lovely night. Temps in the low 80s, clear skies with high cirrus clouds, etc. We drove across the panhandle of Idaho, through the mountains, and turned around to come back for dinner. Sunset was gorgeous with very dramatic underlit golden clouds against the blue, blue, blue sky. Beautiful, so we were going to a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the falls and sunset. But we never got there. Just as we got into town, while we were sitting at a stop light, we heard (and felt) a clunk followed by a crunch. No, we were not hit by another car -- this came from the engine.

The power loss light came on. We were very pleasantly surprised that the car began moving again when the light turned green only to discover we had no power steering! We could still steer, it just was VERY hard. Who am I saying we? Julia was driving and got to manhandle the wheel.

So Buster is sitting at the car doctor waiting to be find out what happened. They don't have Saturday hours, so we have to wait until Monday. We are renting a car for today and going car shopping because we are possibly a no-car family at the moment (and we want something more reliable for driving across the state for events). Buster just hit the 175,000 mile mark and Baby died at the 185,000 mile mark.

On the bright side, while we had to walk up the hill home (12 blocks up hill then 5 blocks on the level), we stopped at a nearby tapas restaurant. Nummy!!!!


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