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Played pin cushion today for the neurologist. I lost track of the number of botox injections at about five (and there were several more -- the fifth one is the one that actually hurt enough to react to).

Unfortunately, this time included a couple of injections on the left side. I've known for years that there's been some dystonia on that side; it's just not as affected as the right side. But this month I've had stronger spasms on the left. So we'll get to see if I have enough strength to hold my head up. ;)

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Well, the three pork and chicken pies are done, 42 venison tarts are done, nearly 70 apple tarts are done. I still need to do the Ember Day pies (Thursday) and some wheat-free venison tarts and apple tarts for some friends who can't do wheat. But my shoulder and neck may never forgive me -- thanks to TPTB for muscle relaxants and pain meds.

I kind of overmade the filling for the apple tarts, so I'm turning the leftover into a fruit compote for Saturday night. I also have too much venison filling but I'm putting that over noodles for dinner some night this week.

I still need to finish putting buttons and button loops on my gown, the pearled choker for Juliana's elevation, and any other jewelry I can get done. I'm taking today as a rest day, so I might actually get some of that accomplished.

BTW (off-topic from the rest of this post): I finally figured out how to explain to people what my shoulder and neck do/feel like. Form a fist. Now squeeze as hard as you can and hold it. Keep holding it. Feel that burn? Squeeze tighter and hold it. Feel that pull? Keep holding. Are the muscles in your hand protesting yet? Keep holding. Feel how the tightness and pain in your hand is now in your lower too. Try holding it like that for five minutes. Try curling your hand toward your wrist. Hurts even more, doesn't it? That's how my neck and shoulder are most of the time.


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