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Getting home wasn't too difficult. We didn't hit bad roads until yesterday. Some of them were unpleasant, but most were not too bad. We needed to dig out a little before we could get the car in the driveway (it's still sticking onto the sidewalk, but that's a problem for tomorrow). The snowblower we picked up in Indianapolis worked like a charm.

Walking upstairs past Vandal's normal sleeping location made me lose it for a while. I was also hurting from the snow removal and unloading the car and cold, so I was more vulnerable that I realized. At least that's my story and I'm sticking to it. Our vets were wonderful -- they sent a lovely condolence card that undid both of us for a little while.

Sable is very happy we're back. She's realized Vandal isn't here -- she's been alternating being all over me and all over Julia. Right now, she's on Julia's lap (somewhere she's never really been able to be) because I wouldn't let her keep pushing the computer away. And Sable is shedding like crazy! I think that's because she had the Elizabethan collar on while I was gone and she couldn't clean herself.

Well, I need to bop downstairs and check on the condition of the things we brought home. I cleaned up in the pottery department -- two pieces from my sister, two pieces from Julia (from the same place as my sister's), one piece from Julia's paternal aunt and uncle (for both of us), two pieces from a cousin (for both of us), one piece from another cousin (for both of us) and one piece from Julia's maternal aunt and uncle (for both of us).

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Sorry, didn't want to update while I was away -- not really into advertising when people aren't home on the internet.

Julia's mom is doing much better. She's now able to get herself into and out of her chair and the car. She's still in the wheelchair for at least two more weeks -- they don't want her putting any weight on her leg until the plate has healed into place a little and she's still not strong enough to manage crutches. Hopefully she'll get a walking cast in two weeks.

Unfortunately, she either has a second blood infection or they didn't get rid of the first one. They think they didn't totally eradicate the first one, so she's been getting antibiotics again. But she's been able to stay home this time.

My family is doing well. Both my parents now have handicapped placards because they can't walk too far. My dad's had one for a couple of years, but my mom just got one. Her doctor also wants her using a scooter in the stores, but she's too stubborn. I think my dad would like it because they could do scooter races down the aisle.

Julia and I both got what we wanted for Christmas. She got a six-month subscription for Dr. Who audio files and a programmable, burr-grinding coffee pot. I got pots and pans (with a few more items to come)! Yea!!!!

Today is my rest-and-recover day! I started out yesterday at 7:00 am CST leaving Julia's parents, drove to Nashville, then flew from Nashville to DC to Pittsburgh (cheapest routing) so I could catch my Pittsburgh to Salt Lake City to Spokane (I was NOT flying through Denver this year). I got on the ground in Spokane around 9:45 pm PST and home by 10:15 pm PST. That was one LONG day.

Julia should be home this weekend. By the time she's done with this trip, she will have driven over 8,000 miles since she left!

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I finally re-ordered the pottery that got shattered when shipped from PA to WA. The potter wasn't making the creamer/sugar bowl set (but did each separately) so I opted for a bread and oil platter. I did get the soup tureen. They probably will be more purple than blue, but that's okay -- I want a variety of colors.

We've had our first casualty to the stone floor in the kitchen -- Vandal's insulin!!! Fortunately the vet was open late, so we were able to replace it pretty easily.

Unfortunately, Baby (the purple Cavalier) may have finally died. Julia tried to start her for work on Friday. She started, died, but continued to make a noise like "an industrial-strength weedwhacker." Julia said the noise went on for over five minutes -- she was alarmed enough that she went to get the tool box so she could disconnect the battery (afraid of the car catching fire). Since we are replacing her in a few months, it doesn't make any sense to spend hundreds of dollars to repair a car with fatal problems. There's a good bus between here and EWU, so the car is more convenient than necessary.


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