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I got pretties in the mail today. Well, at least stuff to make pretties: several rolls of 20 gauge silver wire, some 20 gauge electric blue wire, lots of jump rings, and bunches of earring findings. In addition, I got a flush-cut wire cutter, a memory-wire cutter (memory wire is LOTS harder than regular wire and will damage regular cutters), and a jeweler's block. So now I can more effectively temper some of the wire designs I'm making.

I'm currently working on a wire weaving project for a gift. This project uses two wire-woven strands; the first one is done. I got a start on the next one which should be done by next weekend. I then need to attach them, but it shouldn't take long.

After this one's done, I've got two more to do by mid-July and some wire wrapping to do too. In addition to cooking Juliana's vigil food. *sigh*

Glad I decided to not be involved in the vigil garb.

However, I have been told that at least one person (probably more) will be commissioning jewelry from me for the holidays. I really got to post some pics of what I'm doing.

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Just finished watching Torchwood Season 2 and the final ep never fails to get me.

Julia made it home just fine last night. She was exhausted, but got home. Today has been a bit of a lazy day -- we're both tired. The weather, though, has been gorgeous.

I've made some jewelry today, a gift for a dear friend. I've also ordered a bunch of supplies and some tools from Shipwreck Beads and got a vice for some wire work from Home Depot. Last weekend a friend and I traded wire-work classes and I've been working on the project he gave me. It's coming along, each turn of the braid I'm learning more. But my neck is only letting me do so much right now (wire weaving is soooo much easier).


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