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For several days during the winter, Spokane and the surrounding area experiences a phenomenon called "freezing fog." I've never seen this back east. Freezing fog occurs when fog settles in an area around or below the freezing point. Water droplets in the fog adhere to all surfaces, including the road (which can get quite slippery). The fog also adheres on tree limbs (making very heavy ice on the trees), fences, fence posts, etc. And it is quite pretty.

Here's what a whole tree can look like: )
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Yesterday we dug out what had fallen on Thursday and Friday. Today we dug out what fell overnight and this morning. Tomorrow we'll probably be digging out what falls overnight and then get rained on, which, of course, will freeze overnight. At least we are halfway to having the garbage can dug out.


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Julia left this morning just as the snow started falling. Since then, we've gotten 6-10 inches of snow -- the drive home, which normally takes 15-20 minutes) took 2 hours and 20 minutes!!!! I was told by two police officers that I shouldn't try making it up the hill I live on, that I should try another route (which would have taken me another hour and a half probably) with no guarantee that they would let me try there either. I made it up with NO PROBLEM! Phhhhlllllllbbbbbbbbt! In fact, I passed another car going up the hill because he was about to stop making forward progress.

Unfortunately, they are talking about 6-8 more inches tonnight and 1-2 inches tomorrow. I doubt I'm going to work tomorrow. We'll see.


ETA: The weatherman said they are actually only expecting 8-11 inches total for this storm. I think he's calling it a little low. And there's another storm for Sunday.

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