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I've been reading Eating Right in the Renaissance by Ken Abala and it's gotten me thinking. Not just about medieval dietaries, but also about how we approach food in general and how history and tradition has shaped how we view food.

It's also gotten me thinking about what I have to say about food and cooking. So my project for today (and possibly for more of this week) is to blither. Blither about my approach to food, to spices, to cooking, and to anything related to this. Right now I'm blithering into a Word document, where I've given myself permission to ramble, not make a whole lot of connective sense, and make any other writing faux pas I wish to. I'm also trying to send my internal editor on a vacation right now so I can just get the jumble in my head out where I can see it.

Eventually, I hope this will turn into some posts here and on my cooking blog and into some paying articles.

As part of this project, send me any questions you have about my approach to cooking, to spices, to food, etc.


Need help

Mar. 23rd, 2008 10:11 am
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I need some help. I have a project I am calling Richenda's Kitchen Herbal. I'm writing this in the style of a late 16th century herbal, a la Gerard's.

I've currently completed basil and mint and have started on rosemary. I'm not terribly happy with how rosemary is going -- I'm thinking of scrapping what I've started and starting over on this herb.

The help I need is accountability. This project keeps sliding by the side for various, not-good reasons. Please help me stay on track.

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I've started working again on Richenda's Kitchen Herbal. Granted, it's very early -- I only have two herbs written, but most of the research is done. I just need to make myself work consistently on it. I'm writing it in a medieval style but including modern information -- particularly the safety info.


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