Jan. 2nd, 2010

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We are home safe and sound. The kitties are becoming re-accustomed to sharing the bed with humans. They did forget this morning as they made their morning run across the bed and each one stomped on the middle of my stomach. Good morning to you too!

We also hosted a filk sing tonight -- crazy since we just got in last night. Fortunately, we had done most of the straightening before we left so we didn't have too much to do today. It went well; we had nearly 20 people (I lost count and people kept moving around). Our next one is February 27.

Now we just try to get reacclimated to being home. Between noon on Dec 31 and midnight last night, we had spent at least an hour in each time zone of the continental US.

Next order of business is watching the two Dr. Who specials that came out over Christmas and New Years (they're on On Demand). It looks like we won't be reading the friends list until we've done so as we don't want to be too spoiled (we know about John Sims/Master and Patrick Stewart, though we don't know his role yet).


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