Jan. 13th, 2010

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We've been slackers in not posting. Really, we're still recovering from the holidays and 12th Night. The event was great; driving 7.5 hours in ungreat weather, not so much.

Friday night we took off for the event about an hour later than planned. We didn't pack Thursday as we planned because we needed to finish Juliana's tenure packet (it's done, yea!!!).

Crossing Snoqualmie Pass at 7:00 pm was not fun at all. First we got a message saying that the pass was icy, traction tires were recommended and the speed limit was 35. Uh oh - getting through the pass is about 35 miles! About 100 feet after the last exit before we enter the pass, we see a signboard stating that traction tires are required and the pass is extremely icy. That did us a lot of good, with our all-weathers on. We got through the pass going 20 mph; at one point the snow was pulling the car one way and Julia was steering the other so we kept going straight forward (and were hopefully on the invisible road). But we made it, getting in at midnight! Good thing we are both used to PA winter driving -- there were lots of cars pulled off to the side.

The event was very pleasant. Got to talk to lots of people, not all of whom were heralds! Had several submitters from last year's 12th Night come up and thank me for doing their artwork (we had done full-service consulting there). That gave me a warm fuzzy.

Coming back was a little easier. The pass was clear, which was nice. However, just on the east side of the pass we hit fog -- for miles and miles. We'd hit a small clear patch, then get more miles of fog. We probably drove through 3 hours of fog on the way home. But we found a lovely little restaurant in Moses Lake.

I'm rambling and not too coherently I think. So I'm gonna go to bed.


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