Mar. 21st, 2010

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Our internet access straightened itself out on its own. I'm suspecting that one of our neighbors had a modem that was using the same frequency as ours. Whatever it was, it's fixed now.

This week has been busy, busy, busy. One of Julia's coworkers had a party for some guests of the university Monday, there was a speaker on a Mexican art exhibit back east (he was the curator) Wednesday, and one of our barony members got married yesterday. Julia's mom has been sick (she's better now), and it's finals weekend -- grades are due Tuesday. Whew!

I also had three doctor's appointments for allergy testing this week. The doctor doesn't think that we have figured out what I reacted to last fall, but I'm not so sure. I discovered I'm reactive to thimerisol (a mercury-based preservative found in many contact-care products and some anti-bacterial hand gels -- oh, and some vaccines). It's possible that I was not reacting to soap, but rather to an antiseptic spray for hands. I'm waiting to see if they send me an MSDS.

Work has been really quite busy and getting busier. I've been finishing up two translations of manuals -- I don't expect the translator to get all the graphics formatting quite right. I also had a little issue with a translator and the company has been told not to use him on any of our manuals again -- the guy was arrogant and would not admit that he didn't understand the engineering terms he faced (and wouldn't ask *any* questions).

I have at least four manuals bearing down on me with more coming. Plus there's a bunch more translations I'll need. Job security!

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Woohoo!!! Health care reform passed!!!!!!!


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